Corporate Profile Company Brochure


Drilling, completion and workover fluids are key to drilling Oil & Gas Wells. PPC delivers a wide range of fluid solutions customized for you Offshore, Onshore and Reservoir Drilling Operation. PPC is committed to increasing asset profitability through Technical Excellence, Quality Service, Operational Efficiency and In-Country Value.

Products & Services

  • Low Density Drilling Fluids
  • K-Formate/Micromax Systems
  • Completion Brines
  • Non Damaging Drilling Fluid Systems (Drill-In)
  • Speciality Drilling Fluid Additives
  • Non-Aqueous Based Drilling Fluid Systems
  • Inhibitive Drilling Fluid Systems
  • Water Based Drilling Fluid Systems
  • High-performance Water-based Drilling Fluids Systems
  • Drilling Fluids Simulation Softwares
  • LMP Services and Bulk Handling